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Version 3.1 Released
4 January 2016

  • Optimizations for Windows 10
  • Speed improvements
  • Working with iOS/nix filenames
  • Multiple replacements when renaming files
  • and many more improvements and fixes..


See What's new in Version 3.1



Coming soon
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Version 4
Spring 2016

Major new goodies, better help and significant upgrades to some current components.
Complete details in February 2016

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Copy Files to Many Directories

Copying to a few folders at once

There are two ways to copy files to multiple directories. To copy to just several directories simply list the multiple folders in the Destination(s) field of any copy dialog that accepts a destination. For more about this quick and easy method see Copying files to several folders at once.


Copying to 10s, 100s, even 1,000s of folders at once 

The rest of this page describes how to copy one or more files many directories: to tens, hundreds and even thousands of folders in one operation. 

First: Copy the items you want to distribute to the clipboard.

  • Select one or more files or folders to be copied. These can be selected from a normal explorer tab or from a a virtual folder of search results.  
  • Press Ctrl+C, to copy the selected items to the clipboard
  • or select Edit | Copy from the main menu

Second: Select the folder(s) to copy to 

  • If you are copying to folders that are all in the same root folder select them in Explore View.
  • If you will be copying to directories on multiple paths, drives or even network drives, create a Dynamic Virtual Folder that will contain your target folders.
    (One great advantage of using a Dynamic Virtual Folder is that you can save it to disk and use over and over again)
    For more about creating a Virtual Folder see Creating a collection of folders


Finally: Copy the files into the selected directories

  • Select Actions > More Copy Actions > Copy to Selected Folders... from the main menu.

Menu item for pasting into multiple folders

  • Set the options in the controlling dialog as appropriate, press OK and the copying will start.

Dialog for copying files to multiple directories