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Version 4: the future

Major new tools, significant upgrades to current components and faster folder listings.

  • Find and rename problem files: bad paths, illegal characters, Linux & iOS (Mac) characters.
  • Check files and folders for compliance with different file systems e.g., NTFS, Fat-16, Fat-32, eFat, CDs, iOS, Linux and custom.
    Know if the files are right before you copy.
  • Delete files no matter their length or how they are named.
  • Powerful renaming with RegEx e.g. change 'Romeo Smith' into 'Smith, Romeo' and much more.
  • Lightening fast directory listing no matter how large the folder.
  • Detailed reports for copy errors.
  • Variable text size for views and dialogs.
  • and many more improvements and fixes..


See the V4 preview here.

Update May 2017

A May 2017 Microsft security update for Windows 10 conflicted with a major routine in FileBoss resulting in FileBoss not starting on some Windows 10 systems.

Versions V3.101 and later, fix the problem. You can read more about this at the page
Windows Creators Conflict.


Version 4 Preview

Please Note:
Version 3.1 is the last of the 3.x series.

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FileBoss V4: The future of FileBoss

Major Additions and Upgrades

  • File and Folder Health Checks (finds potential problem files and checks for conformity to standard media requirements such as thumb drives (exFat), FAT16 and FAT32 (typically old hard disks), CDs, DVDs, and custom file management systems.

    Click image for larger view
    Health check main control dialog
  • Deleting problem files (we call it Nuking). As long as the disk isn't corrupt or damaged FileBoss should be able to delete files, folders and whole paths no matter how deep they are or what characters the filenames contain.
    Nuke problem files menu item
  • Convert all illegal (e.g., iOS/Linux/corrupted) filenames to valid Windows filenames
  • Power renaming with Regular Expressions
    RegEx Example: swapping names
  • Recursive renaming
  • Extremely fast directory listings
  • Reports for copy error that include one or more reasons as to what may be the problem.

Long filenames and illegal characters

  • Robust renaming of problem files such as removing illegal spaces, Linux, Mac, and illegal characters. These can be renamed either inline or using the batch renaming routines.
  • Better display and navigation of problem files and folders. Deep files and folders can now be navigated to in the tree view (the left-hand pane of any tab.


  • Flexible and powerful renaming with Regular Expressions e.g. "John Doe, Deparment P25" to "Doe, John, Deparment P25" or even to "Dept P25, Doe, John".
  • Search and replace now makes optional multiple replacements in filenames.
  • Better, more prominent logic for renaming recursively


  • Files with errors listed in special Virtual Folder along with possible reasons
  • Selective Copy

User Interface

  • Variable text size for views and dialogs
    Text scaling menu
  • Quick access to drive properties and disk management.
    Drive bar left click
  • Realtime updates of drive space for drive bar buttons
  • Drive bar now on Virtual Folder Tabs as well as Explorer Tabs
  • Folders can now be sorted together with files
    Folders placement menu

Miscellaneous Minor Stuff