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FileBoss V3




Multiple Tabs

FileBoss can display folders in one tab, two tabs or more. And the tabs can be grouped so that you can see more than one at a time (an enhanced Dual Pane mode).

But unlike the classic dual pane file managers, in FileBoss: there can be more than just two groups. Tab groups can be vertical or horizontal tab groups can be the same size or different each group can hold multiple tabs tabs can be moved from group to group and even re-ordered within their group.

Creating & Using Tab Groups

Explore Tab Toolbar Tab Group Icons

When more than one tab is available you can either create a new tab group or move one of the tabs to another existing tab group.
The Button on the View specific toolbar (at the top of FileBoss's work space by default) will change depending on the options available for the active tab.

Using the Main Menu

Main Menu for tab groupsFor more options use the Windows > Tab Groups > menu items where you can also create vertical tab groups.


Two Tab Groups - Two Tab Each

4 tabs in 2 panesThe screen shot to the right shows two tab groups each containing two tabs. This is the default layout for new tab groups.

Positioning Tab Groups

Splitter cursor for tab groupsYou can move the splitter bar between tab groups left or right (up or down for vertical tab groups) by:
moving the mouse cursor over the wide bar between the two groups
click and hold down the mouse button
drag the bar to where you want it to be
release the button.

Repositioned Tab Group

2 panes 4 tabs offset to right

Tab Dimming

2 horizontal Tab Groups one shadded When Tab Dimming is turned on FileBoss will dim all inactive tabs making it easier to tell which is the active tab. Tab dimming is only active when there is more than one Tab Group present.

To toggle Tab Dimming on and off use the Options > Program Options... command from the main menu and select the General tab from the list on the left and check or clear the Darken Inactive Tabs box as appropriate. This can also be set using the Configuration Wizard (Ctrl+Alt+W).

Whether tab dimming is on or not is a matter of personal preference with some users loving it and other hating it.

Vertical Tab Groups

Shadded tab group'You can have Vertical tab groups too. Use the Windows > Tab Groups > menu items to create a vertical tab group.

Horizontal and Vertical tab groups are mutually exclusive - you can not have both at the same time.

Closing Tab Groups

Note that if you create a second tab group it will remain, i.e. it can not be removed directly. But you can easily close it at any time by either dragging all of its tabs to another group or by closing all of its tabs.

When all the tabs in a tab group have been moved or closed the tab group will automatically close.

Saving and Restoring Tab Groups

The curren tab groups and their arrangement can be saved and recalled at anytime. They can also be specified on a a command line so that FileBoss will always open to a specific arrangement.

For complete details see Saving & Restoring Tab Groups.

Question? Comments? Problems?

If you have any problems or questions please let the boss know .