Separating Multiple Paths and Patterns

Graphic showing Example of Multiple Paths and PatternsPart of FileBoss’s power comes from being able to enter multiple paths and multiple file patterns into command fields allowing, for instance, a set of files to be copied to multiple folders at one time or to include or exclude a series of file patterns.

This short post will explain how to separate those paths and patterns along with how and why to change the default characters.


By default FileBoss allows three different characters to be used to separate multiple paths and patterns, the comma, semi-colon and the bar character ( ; , | ). But this can be changed so that FileBoss will only the bar character as a separator.

Change Default Characters

FileBoss uses the comma and semi-colon, in addition to the bar character, to separate paths and patterns because they are a de facto standard used by many programs for that purpose for many years. But as Windows has developed and file systems grown to supporting long filenames, names are using commas and semi-colons as part of the name. When this happens FileBoss doesn’t know if a comma or a semi-colon it sees is part of the path or the pattern or if it is intended as a separator.

To solve this problem you can tell FileBoss to only recognize the bar character (‘|’) as a separator. (The bar character can not be used in a path or file name so there is never a chance of it being confusing.

To change this option use the Options > Program Options… command from the main menu to bring up the main Options dialog.

Options Menu Program Options

In the Program Options dialog select the Advanced 2 panel from the list on the left as shown below.

Program Options - Advanced_2-Separators

To complete the action check or uncheck theĀ Don’t allow semi-colons and commas (;,) in place of the bar character box as appropriate.

More information

For complete details on how to enter multiple paths and patterns, including partial paths and multiple wildcards see Entering Paths and Patterns (opens in new browser window) on the main website.

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