Increment Numbers in File Names

072911_2300_Incrementfi1.pngFrom a recent question to support:

How do I rename two thousand files that are numbered p_0098.dat, p_0099.dat….p_2098.dat so that all the numbers are incremented by 1,000. I tried but an error kept popping up saying that the file could not be renamed because a file by that name already exists.

This one is easy though it may not be immediately obvious.

First select all the files or folders that need to be renamed.

Then use the Actions > Rename… command from the main menu as shown on the menu to the left.

Second rename the files sequentially but in a different series. In the example below the two significant setting have been circled in red. We set the starting number to 1098 and added a prefix of A_. This will rename all the files from A_1098.txt to A_3098.txt or to whatever number of files have been selected. (Note that the extensions will not be affected by this renaming.)

Third, after FileBoss has finished the files will still be selected so you can just use the Actions > Rename… command again but this time use the Search and Replace panel to change the A_ to p_ ending up with the files being renamed to p_1098.dat to the end.

As with all batch operations such as this be extra safe and back up all you files first just in case the unthinkable happens.


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