How to Copy to Multiple Destinations – Part 2

More ways to copy
There are several ways to copy one or more files and folders to multiple destinations.In this post explain how to do it using by simply entering multiple target folders into the destination(s) field of most copy routines.In Copy to Multiple Destinations – Part 1 I show how to do this using Dynamic Virtual Folders to hold the destination folders.

Adding Multiple Folders to the Destination(s) Field

Destinations Field of Copy Dialogs

The Simple Steps Are

  1. Select the files and folders you want to copy.
  2. Use the copy based action you need such as Copy To…, Backup if Newer…, Back up and Sync… from the Actions  item on the main menu.
  3. Add the target folders to the destination(s) field either by typing, pasting, or by using the folder selection dialog.
  4. Copy the items.

Select the items to be copied

Select the items to be copied – from a normal Explorer Tab, a virtual folder that is the result of a search or even a dynamic virtual folder you have created – just as  you would for any other operation.
FileBoss has very sophisticated routines for selecting files and folders in including sticky select mode that can be come really addictive. For more on different selection methods including Sticky Select please see: Easy, Stiky, Selecting.

Start a Copy Action

Select one of the relevant copy actions from the Actions item on the main menu as outlined in red below
Action Menu Copy Items
Note the Move copy action can NOT be used when copying to multiple destinations. If you want to remove the source files delete them after they have been copied.

Enter the multiple target folders into the destination(s) field

There are three ways to enter multiple folders into the Destinations field.


Type in the paths to the folders you want to copy to. Note that for the first entry FileBoss will help you auto-complete the path as you type just as it does in other dialogs. Separate each path with a bar character, ‘|’.


If you have previously copied one or more full paths to the clipboard use Ctrl-V top paste into the box.


Browse and Edit Buttons
Click the Edit button to display a box for easy entry of paths one to a line.

Click the Browse button to bring up the following folder selection dialog.

When you press the OK button FileBoss will automatically enter the checked folder paths into the Destination(s) field of the underlying dialog.

More Information

For more about selecting entries in a tab, including the ever helpful sticky selection mode see Selecting Entries.


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