How to Copy to Multiple Destinations – Part 1

More ways to copy
There are several ways to copy one or more files and folders to multiple destinations.In this post explain how to do this using Dynamic Virtual Folders to hold the destination folders .In Copy to Multiple Destinations – Part 2 I show how to do this it by simply entering multiple target folders into the destination(s) field of most copy routines.

Using Virtual Folders for Multiple Destination(s)

The Simple Steps Are

  1. Create a Dynamic Virtual Folder and populate with the target folders.
  2. Select the files and folders to be copied and copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  3. In the DVR created in step 1 select the folders to which you want to distribute the files.
  4. Use the Copy to Selected Folders… command to complete the action.

One way to think of this process is that you are pasting the copied files into multiple folders at one time.

Dynamic Virtual Folders (DVF)

Menu item for creating a Dynamic Virtual Folder using the folder picker

Menu item for creating a Dynamic Virtual Folder using the folder picker

A new Dynamic Virtual Folder can be created by picking the specific folders it should contain. And once it has been created you can continue to add more items to the DVF by drag and drop.

In the Select One or More Paths dialog (shown below) tick all the folders you want to copy to. Note that selecting a folder does not automatically copy the file to all of its subfolders – you must explicitly select the folders you want.

When you press the OK button FileBoss will automatically create the DVF and insert the folders you have selected.

Once created you might want to immediately save the DVF for future use. You can also save it at any time using Ctrl+S. The saved DVF will also remember any changes you have made and the current state of the selections.

To save the file use the menu item circled in red below. To reload it use one of the options circled in green.


Select What You Want to Copy

Select the folders and files you want to copy in the normal way from any Explorer or Virtual Folder tab. Then use the Edit > Copy command from the main menu or simply press Ctrl+C to copy the selected entries to the clip board just as you would in any other program.

Select the Destination Folder

Activate the DVF tab that was created in step 1 (or reloaded from disk) by clicking on its tab and make sure the folders you want for this operation are selected.

Copy to Selected Folders

Use the Actions > More Copy Actions > Copy to Selected Folders command from the main menu to complete the action.

The selections below are the most used, but you can adjust them to any way you wish just as in most other copy dialogs.

More Information

For more about creating Dynamic Virtual Folders see dynamic virtual folders-create from selected.

For more about selecting entries in a tab, including the ever helpful sticky selection mode see Selecting Entries.

For how to work with multiple tabs and tab groups please see: Working with Tabs and Tab Groups

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