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How to speed up FileBoss

How to force FileBoss to load and start faster Unlike Windows Explorer, when FileBoss starts its default behavior is to load the folders and searches that were open when it last closed, but you can force FileBoss to start faster

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How to display more tabs

Overview FileBoss will display one or more tabs with each tab displaying a folder in the file system, a virtual folder, or an error / report log. Typically, a tab will display the navigation tree in the left panel and

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Do folder names have extensions?

It is easy to think that folder names don’t have extensions, but they do.

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Admin Shares come to FileBoss

Starting with FileBoss version 2.6 FileBoss not only recognizes administrative shares when they are typed into the command bar but will also display them in the folder list on the left and in the contents view on the right. And of course they can be used as targets of any copy operation.

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Increment Numbers in File Names

How to re-sequence a batch of file names, such as changing
p_0098.dat … p_2098.dat
p_1098.dat … p_3098.dat

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Blog Started

This blog for The Utility Factory is just starting at the end July 2011. While we have made it publicly accessible immediately we are still feeling our way as to design and organization and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, so you may see visual changes between one visit and the next. But we hope that no matter how the visual elements change you will find the information here useful.

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